As a painter, I wish to provide a respite from the ever increasing pace and vacuousness of twenty first century life. By showing the great natural beauty of the Hudson and Mohawk valleys and referencing their history in my work, I present a link for the viewer with the enduring beauty of nature and a connection with the past to not forget what has happened here in our area, both artistically and historically. Upstate New York is the home of the first American art movement – the Hudson RiverSchool. The locale has a longer history, though, a rich, exciting one set in a beautiful area, which I want to record.


I first saw great art when, at the age of three, I was taken to a local museum by my grandfather. When I became old enough to read, I became interested in the past and local history. I have been combining the two things ever since. Right now I work mostly in pastel and when not painting landscapes, like to assemble still lifes that reference some element or episode of the past .


The medium is very important to me. I find the richness and plasticity of the various mediums very exciting. Each different medium has its own inherent qualities. I cannot make the medium do something it is unsuited for. It is a means for expressing the everyday mysticism of the effect of light on the landscape, the phenomena of the weather and what a gift the beauty of the world is. It is also important to record it before it possibly disappears. Painting is an act of affirmation in the goodness and wholeness of the universe.